Artwork Templates

This is a collection of vector templates for some of our most popular products. Each template has specific notes and instructions. You must have a program capable of creating and editing vector art in order to properly use these templates.


Save the file to your computer. Right click on one of the links below and select 'Save Target As.’ Then, open the file in a program that’s capable of editing vector art, like Adobe Illustrator.

All files are in .pdf format

Art Requirements

Please click to review art requirements prior to submitting artwork.

Pantone Solid Coated Colours

Please click the link above to view our entire colour library. We only use Pantone Solid Coated Colours for digital printing. Any other colour will be converted to the closest matching Pantone Solid Coated Colour. Choosing colours from this colour library will ensure a truer, more vibrant hue.


Standard Flags
Street Flags
Hand Flags
Flag Bunting
Felt PennantsGolf Flags
150cm x 90cm
200cm x 100cm
60cm x 40cm
15cm x 20cm
25cm x 60cm
50cm x 35cm
180cm x 120cm
300cm x 120cm
30cm x 45cm

45cm x 25cm

180cm x 90cm
450cm x 150cm
60cm x 40cm

240cm x 150cm

90cm x 60cm

45cm x 30cm

90cm x 60cm

Cape FlagsBannerette FlagsTable FlagsFeather Banner FlagsTeardrop BannersRectangle Banners
100cm x 60cm
20cm x 15cm
15cm x 20cm
65cm x 200cm Straight Bottom
75cm x 185cm Template
250cm x 70cm Template
150cm x 90cm Cape Body
25cm x 20cm

65cm x 200cm Template Angle
276cm x 100cm Template
350cm x 70cm Template

300cm x 70cm Straight Bottom

300cm x 70cm Template Angle

Fitted Table CoversStretch Table CoversTable ThrowCar AntennaCar Mirror SockCar Flags
6' Fitted Cover
6' Stretch Polyester
6ft Table Throw
Car Antenna Flag Template
Car Mirror Sock Template
28cm x 35cm Template
6' Fitted open back
6ft Stretch Open Back
8ft Table Throw

35cm x 45cm Template
8ft Fitted table cover
8ft Stretch Cover

8ft Fitted table cover open back
8ft Stretch Polyester Open Back

Headrest CoverBlockout Poly BannerPop-Up A FrameWall BannersPopup Fabric WallMarquees/Tents
28cm x 25cm Template
100cm x 50cm Template
A Frame Templates
68cm x 42cm Template
Popup Wall Banner Template
Tent top - Backwall

200cm x 100cm Template

Tent top - Backwall and sides

300cm x 150cm Template

Marquee Top